Pour Another Round

Brewery 013 - Hillsboro Brewing Company - Hillsboro, WI

Episode Summary

Grab a beer and get to know Hillsboro Brewing Company in Hillsboro, WI.

Episode Notes

Cameron & Jonathan share some beers with a whole crew from Hillsboro Brewing Company in Hillsboro, WI.

Snapper, Dave, Dan, and Kim each share a bit of the story of how this brewery was revitalized to bring back a brewery to this small central Wisconsin town after the original Hillsboro Brewery closed about 70 years ago. 

They're all very passionate about their community. And if Snapper keeps buying buildings at the rate he has, he'll probably own the whole town soon enough. Dave hands Snapper a compliment saying he can really find a diamond in the rough. His vision sees past what's immediately in front of him. 

In their own words, "If we're nothing else, we're unconventional." 

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Website: hillsborobrewingcompany.com

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